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Algoma Sketch

  • Artist: Lawren Harris
  • Product Code: GLH327
  • Made in Canada Maple Leaf
  • All prints are custom made and are typically delivered in 7 - 10 business days.

Available Options


Size and Price

6.5" x 8"14" x 15"$106.00

Size and Price

18" x 22"28" x 32"$214.00

Sizes and Prices

Code Size Option Price
242024" x 20"Unstretched$99.00
Gallery Stretched$165.00
Framed (float frame)$209.00
262226" x 22"Unstretched$114.16
Gallery Stretched$184.54
Framed (float frame)$235.58
282328" x 23"Unstretched$126.02
Gallery Stretched$199.83
Framed (float frame)$256.37
302530" x 25"Unstretched$143.48
Gallery Stretched$222.35
Framed (float frame)$286.99
322732" x 27"Unstretched$162.27
Gallery Stretched$246.58
Framed (float frame)$319.92
342834" x 28"Unstretched$176.77
Gallery Stretched$265.28
Framed (float frame)$345.33
363036" x 30"Unstretched$197.85
Gallery Stretched$292.47
Framed (float frame)$382.32
383238" x 32"Unstretched$220.24
Gallery Stretched$321.35
Framed (float frame)$421.61
403340" x 33"Unstretched$237.38
Gallery Stretched$343.44
Framed (float frame)$451.64
423542" x 35"Unstretched$262.09
Gallery Stretched$375.32
Framed (float frame)$494.96
443744" x 37"Unstretched$288.11
Gallery Stretched$408.89
Framed (float frame)$540.58
463846" x 38"Unstretched$307.87
Gallery Stretched$434.39
Framed (float frame)$575.26
484048" x 40"Unstretched$336.20
Gallery Stretched$470.93
Framed (float frame)$624.93
504250" x 42"Unstretched$365.86
Gallery Stretched$509.17
Framed (float frame)$676.92
524352" x 43"Unstretched$388.26
Gallery Stretched$538.05
Framed (float frame)$716.21
544554" x 45"Unstretched$420.20
Gallery Stretched$579.26
Framed (float frame)$772.24
564756" x 47"Unstretched$453.46
Gallery Stretched$622.18
Framed (float frame)$830.59
584858" x 48"Unstretched$478.50
Gallery Stretched$654.48
Framed (float frame)$874.50